About Intuiflow

Intuiflow is rapidly advancing the deployment of true Demand Driven supply chaining planning for users of NetSuite

Erik Bush, CEO
Erik Bush, Co-Founder

Erik Bush is the Chief Executive Officer of Demand Driven Technologies – a joint venture partner of Intuiflow. Erik is leveraging his experience with Demand Driven technologies in  leading the development of Intuiflow’s entrance into the NetSuite market. He also oversees the migration of functionality from DD Tech’s Replenishment+ into the NetSuite environment. During his tenure with Demand Driven Technologies, Erik has led the firm to unprecedented growth with deployments around the world of DD Tech’s demand driven offerings. Replenishment+ is recognized as the world’s most advanced DDMRP compliant software solution. Erik brings his vast experience in the deployment of DDMRP tactics and technology to the Intuiflow partnership. Erik previously spent 31 yeas with IBM, the majority of which was in executive and management positions. He was the executive responsible for the rapid growth and expansion of IBM’s Network of GBS Global Delivery Centers. He led the implementation of sweeping changes which resulted in improved client service and substantially enhanced capabilities. Erik also served as the Vice President of Operations for IBM’s Global Business Services units in Europe and the Americas. Erik leads through a deep commitment to delivering tangible benefits to his clients through a pragmatic, results oriented approach. He holds a BS degree in Economics from Miami University of Ohio. erik.bush@intuiflow.com

John picture
John Ogle – Co Founder

John Ogle is a cofounder of Intuiflow, cofounder of Head In The Cloud, and lead developer of Replenishment+ for NetSuite. He was first introduced to the innovative concepts of DDMRP in 2011 and immediately wanted to see them realized in the growing NetSuite ecosystem. John brings NetSuite solutions experience to the team that began in 2006. He has brought innovative customization solutions to NetSuite clients across a wide variety of industries through Head In The Cloud. He is continuously looking for ways to push the limits how technology can be used to drive business forward. John loves hiking, snowboarding, and generally enjoying the outdoors with his family in Bend, Oregon where he lives. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Portland State University. john.ogle@intuiflow.com

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Robin Mitchell – Co Founder

Robin Mitchell is the Founder and President of Head in the Cloud Development – a joint venture partner of Intuiflow.  Since 2012 his team has been serving companies across North America and Europe with world-class NetSuite consulting and customization services. Robin’s passions in life are traveling, meeting new people, and helping others. His favorite part of the NetSuite consulting business is being able to work with so many different types of businesses and learning all he can about them along the way. Robin is also a Captain in the US Army Reserve, where he has served since 2004 in positions such as operations sergeant, battalion communications officer, and company commander. Robin now resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife Lindsey, where they are both devoted parents to their beautiful daughter Scarlett.  He holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Portland State university. robin.mitchell@intuiflow.com

Advisory Sources

Chad Smith, Co-Author and Demand Driven Thought Leader
Chad Smith, Demand Driven Thought Leader

Chad is the co-author of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, Third Revised Edition (McGraw-Hill, 2011). In 1997 Chad co-founded Constraints Management Group, LLC (CMG). Since the late 1990’s Chad and his partners at CMG have been at the forefront of developing and articulating the concepts behind Demand Driven MRP as well as building DDMRP compliant technology (Replenishment+®). Additionally, Chad is an internationally recognized expert in the application and development of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), getting his formal training at the Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute Academy and working under the tutelage of Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal, for several years. In 2011, Chad founded the Demand Driven Institute with his co-author in the Orlicky book Carol Ptak. csmith@demanddriveninstitute.com