Oregon Freeze Dry

Client Success Story

Oregon Freeze Dry – The world’s largest custom freeze dry company. Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. and its affiliate, European Freeze Dry are leaders in both global reach and the variety of uses in which freeze drying technology has been successfully applied.

Business Challenge
  • Late Shipments
  • Retail Stock Outs
  • Lost Sales Opportunity
  • High expedite related spending in overtime, late shipments, and premium freight

Oregon Freeze Dry

Craig Jolly, Production Manager:
“Easy to implement.”
“Easy to get data in and out.”
“Simple to use.”
“Easy to interpret signals.”


The Solution

Oregon Freeze Dry met the challenge by implementing the key Demand Driven MRP concepts in 1997 while working Constraints Management Group. In 2007 they implemented Replenishment+® software and began seeing results in less than 4 weeks. Since the beginning of their journey they have experienced a 13X growth in sales which required only a 2X growth in inventory. They’ve maintained on time deliveries of 98+% while gaining massive improvements in inventory turnover and working capital leverage.


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The Results
Division A: Mountain House
Up over 20%
July – October 1997 (prior) 1164 shipments, 245 shipped late
July – October 1998 (after Replenishment) 1697 shipments, 11 late
60% less inventory on hand


Division B: Ingredient Business
Lead Time:
10-12 week lead time reduced to 3 weeks! 60% reduction in make- to order lead time!
Improved from 97% to 100% on time delivery
Reduced by 21%