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Replenishment+® Channel Partner Program

Demand Driven Technologies is seeking Channel Partners to expand our coverage of the market. We believe there are great potential synergies in teaming with ERP application dealers who are looking to extend their value proposition to their client base. Our Replenishment+® solution easily integrates with all the major ERP packages in the market and consistently drives significant improvements for client in

  • Customer Service and Order Fill Rate
  • Reduction of Lead Times
  • Reduced Inventory and Working Capital


We also believe there are synergies to be gained through partnering with complementary supply chain solution providers that offer warehouse management, logistics and other supply chain optimization technologies. The potential client benefits to be gained through enabling solutions which integrate our collective solutions.

At Demand Driven Technologies we work to build collaborative and effective relationships with our Channel Partners. We’re interested in firms that share our passion for delivering substantial tangible gains to clients and want to be at the forefront of Demand Driven MRP. Our Channel Partners will:

  • Be able to immediately offer their existing customers a cutting edge planning and execution tool that produces significant bottom line results.
  • Be able to compete more effectively to win new customers by offering a more robust and effective planning and execution capability.
  • Derive revenue from selling and maintaining interfaces between Replenishment+® and an ERP Platform they specialize in.
  • Earn commissions from the subscription and upgrade revenues from their customers
  • Earn services revenue for the delivery and ongoing support of Replenishment+® projects.
  • Be able to effectively offer complimentary technology to companies that have embraced Lean concepts.
  • Receive leads for prospects that the ERP product that the Channel Partner specializes in.

Whether you are an ERP application dealer, a complementary solution provider, or both, we’re interested in speaking with you. Please contact us by following the link below:
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