DDMRP for NetSuite


About Demand Driven MRP

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is an innovative multi-echelon pull methodology to plan inventories and materials. It enables a company to align materials to actual market requirements and promotes improved decision making and actions at the planning and execution level. DDMRP was introduced to the world in the book Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, Third Revised Edition by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith. For more information on DDMRP, please refer to the following links: www.demanddrivenmrp.com www.demanddriveninstitute.com

Introducing Replenishment+ for NetSuite


Replenishment+ for NetSuite (R+ NS) brings the dramatic supply chain improvements of Demand Driven MRP to NetSuite users. R+ NS was developed by Intuiflow in a joint venture with Demand Driven Technologies (DD Tech). It is based on DD Tech’s Replenishment+ which is the world’s leading DDMRP compliant software solution. Replenishment+ NS fully addresses all key aspects of Demand Driven MRP and has been certified by the Demand Driven Institute as DDMRP compliant.



Fully Integrated with NetSuite

Replenishment+ NS is fully integrated with NetSuite and has been certified as ‘Built for NetSuite’. It is highlighted in NetSuite’s SuiteApp portal. The application is tied directly to your NetSuite database which eliminates any integration challenges found with ‘bolt on’ solutions. It also uses NetSuite’s user interface to facilitate consistent navigation techniques for users.


Planner Workbench

The Planner Workbench is the primary supply planning console in the application. Items are prioritized by level of buffer penetration enabling clear visibility to items requiring action. The workbench displays all information critical to assessing the supply requirements of each item Workbench


Item Activity

By drilling down on an item, planners and buyers can see the details of the inventory, supply and demand records impacting the item’s buffer position. This drill down also provides insights into Qualified Order Spikes which are included in the Available Stock Calculation for the item

Part Activity



Buffer Zones

Replenishment+® NS stratifies buffers of strategically replenished parts through a 5 zone system. These zones are Over Top of Green, Green, Yellow, Red, Dark Red. These zones are managed globally at a “buffer profile” level and give a general reference of priority (color) and a discrete reference (% of buffer remaining) Key Benefit: Highly visible signal allowing planners to focus order creation, scheduling and expediting activities on only what is necessary.

The Buffer Zone display provide ausers with critical insights into the buffer values for an item. The display shows the values of each zone as well as the zone thresholds. In addition, the current Available Stock position and On Hand inventory values are highlighted. The item’s target inventory value is also displayed providing users a view of the expected average inventory position for the item.

Buffer Size


Item Analytics Trend

The Buffer Trend display provides a view of the trend the item’s buffer has experienced over the past year. The graphs also highlights the On Hand Inventory, Target Inventory and Available Stock trend lines. The Average Daily Usage trend is also displayed helping the user to understand the specific rate of usage affecting the item’s buffer zone sizes. The elements of the graph are user selectable.

Screenshot 2014-05-11 12.40.27