Demand Driven MRP and Replenishment+ for NetSuite

Demand Driven MRP was introduced to the market in 2011 by Chad Smith and Carol Ptak, authors of the recently published Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, 3rd revised edition. Since its market launch in 2011 DDMRP has experienced rapid growth with applications around the world.

We will present an overview of Demand Driven MRP and profiles of client case studies. We’ll also provide a demonstration of Replenishment+® NS – one of the first DDMRP compliant solutions in the market. Replenishment+ NS is also certified as ‘Built for NetSuite’ and runs native in the NetSuite environment.

We’ll also discuss our unique Simulation and Opportunity Snapshot analysis offers which can help you and your firm get a pre-view of the impact that DDMRP tactics can have on your business.

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