Webinar Attendees

95% of webinar attendees believe the application of DDMRP tactics will improve their materials management performance!

Since the major market launch of Demand Driven MRP at the APICS International Conference in October, 2011 we’ve seen an explosion of interest and support for DDMRP and Replenishment+®. Polling results from webinars held over the past 6 months indicate our audience has a 95% confidence factor that the application of DDMRP tactics will improve their materials management performance.

Since the advent of MRP systems back in the 70’s there has been little change to the core logic used by MRP systems currently available in the market. Based on the assumption of an ‘accurate forecast’, current MRP logic attempts to drive inventory levels to zero at the end of a production run. While this appears on the surface a common sense approach, when coupled with the inevitable variability of demand in the market, it typically results in a severe misalignment between the supply of parts and actual market demand.

Demand Driven MRP and Replenishment+® effectively decouples the need for long range forecasts by using strategic replenishment buffers to ensure the right parts are in supply at the right time. These buffers are Dynamically Adjusted through time to ensure they address actual market conditions. In addition, Replenishment+® provides a wide range of tools, alerts and reports that enable material planners to have a much more effective grip on their supply situation.

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